You work hard. Shouldn’t your retirement be secure?

At a time when good pensions are slipping further and further out of reach, shouldn’t the government and employers be building back retirement security for hard working Canadians?

Join us in standing up against attempts by employers and the federal government to strip workers of secure pensions.

Learn what makes a pension secure

With a defined benefit pension plan:

  • You are guaranteed a set amount of benefits for life after retirement based on earnings and years of service.
  • Your employer is responsible for securing your benefits by covering funding deficits in the pension plans.
  • The benefits you’ve earned are legally protected.
With a target benefit pension plan:

  • The amount you get back is just a target, which can be reduced if the plan cannot fully fund those benefits. There’s no guarantee.
  • You assume all the risks and suffer the full impact of plan deficits.
  • Your employer is not legally required to secure your benefits.
With a defined contribution pension plan:

  • What you pay in is defined, but what you get back is unknown.
  • You, the employee, assume all the investment risk.
  • Your employer assumes no risk, but still has a say over investment decisions for your plan.
Bill C-27, An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, is an attack on the retirement security of Canadians.

This bill will allow employers in the federal private sector and Crown Corporations to shift from good, defined benefit plans that provide secure and predictable pension benefits, into the much less secure form of target benefits. If passed, this bill would open the door to a disturbing trend of shifting all the risk of pension plans onto workers and retirees.

In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that defined benefit pension plans that workers and retirees have already paid into should not be retroactively changed into target benefit plans. Yet, this is exactly what Bill C-27 will do.

Yes, if C-27 is passed, PSAC is very concerned that the next step will be a similar attack on the defined benefits pension plan that covers federal public service employees, and that it will serve as a bad model for other governments and employers.
In June of 2016, Canada’s federal and provincial finance ministers announced a moderate expansion of the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). The Canadian Labour Congress and its member unions, including PSAC, have long supported expansion of the CPP and have been actively campaigning on the issue since 2009.

As we work to expand retirement security for all Canadians it is critical that we defend what has already been secured, from the CPP to workplace pensions.

Bill C-27 is an attack on the retirement security of Canadians.

PSAC made a submission to Finance Minister Bill Morneau outlining the problems with Bill C-27. You can help make sure the message is loud and clear by sending the following letter to the Minister.


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